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Rest  // Posts tagged as "Rest"

Deload-ish Week

You won’t find the volume dropped a significant amount this week, but we have just finished a strength cycle, and you might be feeling the accumulated effects of a hard month. Make sure you’re listening to your body and pulling back when and where needed. Consider scaling reps, lowering weights, or even….GASP…taking a rest day. […]


16 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | 3 comments

The Rx’d Workout

Lately i have been talking with members and other coaches about doing all workouts as prescribed and whether or not it is always the smart thing to do. To a new lifter the pursuit of doing all wods Rx’d is the holy grail. As soon as you have made it to that point you are […]


18 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips | 1 comment

Rest day? Half Intensity Week?

Synchronize foam roll with a buddy! ~ Photo from AJ Training is ramping up for the Open and so is the programming  and everyone is putting in extra time / intensity into their training.  There have been so many personal records in the last month by the athletes which is so great… But I am […]


30 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | 8 comments

The “Why’s” Of Recovery

We figured that this time after the Zone Games would be a fantastic opportunity to hammer home our point about one of the most essential parts of your CrossFit Training:  Recovery.  The following are some excerpts from a CrossFit Journal article by Robb Wold, entitled, “On Recovery”. Take a look at the variety of things […]


WODaholics Anonymous – The Consequences of Overtraining

Original article reposted from Beastmodal Domains (with some friendly language editing for content.) My name is Epic, and I’m a WODaholic.  While no 12-step program exists for CrossFitters, and experts debate as to whether physical exercise is addictive, we’ve all felt the effects of endorphins being released during a metcon. What is that?  Chemically speaking, […]