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squats  // Posts tagged as "squats"

16 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Why Pause?

“Ugh, I HATE THIS. Why do you make us STOP at the BOTTOM of a SQUAT?” Because we love you. No, we’re not just being cruel. Pausing in the bottom of the squat not only helps build stability and confidence in the hole (the bottom of the squat), but it also helps improve flexibility and […]


Crossfit for the Cure.

Do you love Boobies? October is Breast Cancer month and I have been asked if we will do the Crossfit for the Cure fundraiser again, that Crossfit Vancouver Island held.  I said yes!  We will hold the event on Saturday, October 19th at the Westshore gym.  Last year we did Grace, but this year we […]


12 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | 1 comment

Knees out!

Luke forwarded me an article from his old stomping ground in Perth about not fully committing to the knees out theory while squatting. Here is the video from the post. [yframe url=’’]   If you decided to skip the video, it is essentially telling you to keep your legs in a natural forward position. You […]


Make the Most Out Of Your Squats

Here is another guest post from Apprentice Coach May! Hopefully over the past few weeks you’ve attended at least one class with a squat focus.  If so, you will have noticed a sudden addition of the elastic band to our squats, tied or wrapped around your thighs.  No, we aren’t crazy (yet), but we are […]


03 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips | 7 comments

Fact or Fiction?

Time to answer some of the most commonly heard fitness questions, and separate the fact from the fiction! Squat exercises are bad for the knees – true or false? THIS IS MOSTLY FALSE Any weight training exercise is potentially dangerous if done incorrectly.  If squats are not performed properly, they can place undue stress on […]