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30 Nov Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Please Welcome Leila

Please welcome Leila! Do you remember why you became a Zone member? To get fit and strong? To be better at sport? Or maybe just to look good naked? We all have our reasons, but Leila reminds us of the highest and best benefit of the functional fitness we teach at CrossFit Zone: to live […]


My Way or the Conway

Of late you may have noticed a strange ginger in short shorts and flip flops lurking about the gym. Don’t be concerned, it’s just Matt, our new apprentice. Matt started as a member at CrossFit Zone back in early 2014. He took a brief hiatus and now he’s back, and better than ever. Remember that […]


Welcome, Teagan!

Hey folks, I’d like to introduce you to Teagan. She’s a former roller derby-er (ist?), coffee artist, actual artist (she oil paints!), and general BADASS. This tall drink of water was training out at Stasis in Langford, but joined our fitness family this week. Say hi, make her feel welcome in our house OF GAINZ! […]


17 Apr Posted by in CrossFit Games | Comments

Our team is going to Regionals!

Congratulations Zoners! We have received our invite to the 2014 Canada West Regionals.  Book time off work if needed to come to the Richmond Oval Friday, May 9th – Sunday May 11th to cheer on the Zone team.


05 Mar Posted by in CrossFit Games | Comments

Open WOD 14.1 Results

Jean having a blast during her first Open (Photo Credit – b) Our team is sitting in 37th place after the first workout.  Thanks to the community for coming out to support the athletes by cheering, judging or taking video footage.   There was an amazing energy in the gym while athletes were testing the workouts […]