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Front Squat Testing

Reminder: We’re testing our front squat 1RM today and our Olympic total (snatch and clean & jerk) on Friday. If you’ve been around for the whole cycle and feel confident in your front squat, try to get a PR today. If you’re new to lifting, are recovering from an injury, or simply haven’t been in […]


Next Week’s Weightlifting Testing

Hey all, Quick reminder that we will be testing our “Olympic Total” next week. That means we will be finding our 1 rep max in the snatch and the clean & jerk. Much like a powerlifting meet or CrossFit Total (for those of you who tested last month), you will have three (3) attempts (not […]


Max Chins & Dips

We’ve been doing weighted chin-ups and dips the past few weeks, and today we’re doing some impromptu testing to see how it’ll pay off. 3 attempts at max UNBROKEN reps on an appropriately scaled version of the movements. Make every rep count – no dirty reps!



FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! We go big, we lift weights. We’ll be deloading earlier in the week to test our 1RM max in the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift on Friday. Bring your A-game and bring your PSYCHO FACE!



This week’s strength components are a bit different, and might feel a little weird. We’ve been pushing around heavy weights and SLAMMIN’ BARS recently, and these one-armed, one-legged maneuvers might feel a bit strange. Our goal is to pull back, reset and readjust. We want to discover our weaknesses and imbalances and address them before […]