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weight loss  // Posts tagged as "weight loss"

Winter 2015 Whole Life Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the winter Whole Life Challenge! Out of those participants that took part in the Final workout and measurements, here are the results: Workout Improvement: 1. Loni – 20% 2. Joey – 17% 3. Deanna – 8% Body Measurement improvement: 1. Joey – 8% 2. Deanna – 5% 3. […]


Dirty Words

Image courtesy of It seems that in today’s society, the word “diet” has become dirty.  People associate being on a diet with depriving oneself.  And really, if you think about it, when diets ARE solely based on deprivation, then it’s no wonder so many people fail at them! To me, the word diet isn’t […]


08 Jul Posted by in Misc. Info | 6 comments

Sprinkle the Pounds Away??

They say it’s as easy as using salt & pepper. But how is that actually POSSIBLE? I seem to see all sorts of interesting infomercials if I ever get caught up watching late night television.  The theme of the evening the other day happened to be quick and easy weight loss.  (As if such a […]


Do It Like The Little People

I’ll admit it, I might be biased when it comes to this topic. Especially since I’ve spent the majority of my life, schooling and career being fascinated by this particular group of human beings. But I still believe this to be a credible theory: The answers to weight loss, health, and fitness success aren’t in […]


Yo-Yo No More!

It’s easy to say that you want to lose weight and get fit.  It’s also easy to find the motivation to hit the gym regularly and choose the right foods … in the beginning.  After a few weeks, sometimes motivation seems to wane and those old, unhealthy habits of yours start to creep back in.  […]