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weightlifting  // Posts tagged as "weightlifting"

03 Aug Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments

Extra Equipment?

It seems like there is becoming a trend to wearing supportive gear while doing cross fit. I’ve noticed the biggest increase in the use of knee sleeves in the last year, since a majority of the games athletes were sporting the typically blue or grey bands. Kinesiotape, wrist wraps, and powerlifting belts are becoming everyday […]


Pauses in olympic lifts

The other week we had a work out that included a 1-stop snatch. Many people wondered why we implement the pause in this lift. i found a posy from Spencer Arnold on the topic and he breaks down what practicing this lift helped him accomplish. One of my favorite exercises and one of the hardest […]


Sunday Open gym

  Just how “open” is this gym, exactly? only one way to find out! Come on down between 930 and 1100 ish for some fabulous experiences. Cheers, Frank N. Scooter


Sunday Open Gym

Hark! Travelers,  make yore way to ye olde Zone for some old-timey fun and fitness. I’ll be hefting various objects at the top of the thirteenth hour! (from 1-230, for you digital children) Scribe a mark on the tablet below if ye dare to partake!


06 Sep Posted by in Seminars | 7 comments

Snatch Clinic with Christine Girard

Hello CrossFitters, Coaches, Trainers and Athletes! Michelle here from CrossFit Renegade in Surrey BC.  We are putting the word out to affiliates, coaches, trainers and athletes about our upcoming Snatch Clinic with Christine Girard!  The Zone members  are not going to want to miss out on this opportunity to work with Canadian record holder and […]