The Importance of playing

Many people don’t realize that playing is not just for children. We as adults need to incorporate some form of play regularly. Many peer reviewed journals say that play helps us to become more creative, relieve stress, and feel better. All of these contribute to a better quality of life.

“Imagine walking down the street and hearing laughter and hollering coming from around the corner. You assume it is a group of kids playing. When you turn the corner you see adults, some of whom are blindfolded and being led around by other adults. Balls are flying through the air as the blindfolded people are trying to tag other blindfolded people. In the midst of it all you see that these people are clearly having fun.

For years parents have been told about the importance of play for their children, but what about the importance of play for grown-ups? The National Institute for Play believes that play can dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children and the capacity of our corporations to innovate.

Perhaps you have heard the saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ There is probably more truth to the saying than most realize. Research indicates that without play it is hard to give your best at work or at home…”

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So embrace your inner child. Throw pine cones, play tag, jump in puddles, and when fall rolls around step on that crunchy leaf


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