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Time to show some Skins™ again!

07 Mar Posted by in Events | 5 comments

Hey Gang,

Mark your calendars and save the date for Monday, March 26th!

From 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. that evening, we will be welcoming a Skins™ rep into our box.  Maggie will be putting on a one night only, 50% off retail price event for The Zone!  At this time, he will be setting up a table in the gym with Skins™ gear that you can try on, as well as giving us the skinny on some information about the products.

CrossFit Zone members will receive the product at 50% off the suggested retail price at this time (*shoppers will be responsible for 10% shipping and handling and the usual HST taxes, as well.*) So please spread the word to any and all you think may be interested!

Not sure what Skins™ are?  Here is some of their product information:

What are Skins™ and how do they work?

Skins™ is body-molded gradient compression performance equipment with built-in BioAcceleration Technology™ which will enhance your performance in training, competition and recovery.  When compression is engineered to apply a balanced and accurate surface pressure over specific body parts, it triggers an acceleration of blood flow. This increases oxygen delivery to working muscles to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body to eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. The combination of these effects allows you to work at a higher rate for longer.

The improved oxygenation is most marked in recovery from exercise. As a result, muscle repair is accelerated, with a greater effect if your Skins™ are worn for longer, The best effects on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which can last for more than 48 hours, are seen after 8 hours during which time pain, muscle weakness and alertness are dramatically improved.

Benefits include:

• reducing lactic acid build-up, increasing muscle oxygenation and enhancing circulation;

• focusing muscle power;

• drawing moisture away from the skin;

• optimizing body temperature in warm or cool conditions;

• preventing odor through antibacterial treatments;

• providing sun safety with 50+ UV protection.

In addition to providing first rate sporting benefits, the increased oxygenation and circulation provided by Skins™ is also an excellent means of relieving many medical complaints including arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lymph edema, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It is also effective in promoting circulation during pregnancy.

The Skins™ range of product includes:

• long tights

• half tights

• shorts

• capri tights and shorts for women

• tops – long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless and a tank for women

• powersox™

• powersleeves

For more information, and a complete list of products and prices, visit

Today’s Workout

Buy In –  5 rounds of 1 deadlift + 1 clean pull + 1 hang power clean
* Increase weight each set up to and above the weight for the workout

WOD” Dip Sandwich”

For time:
Run 800M
Then 3 Rounds of:
10 Cleans – 95lbs/135lbs
15 Ring Dips
20 Knees to Elbows

Games Prep – upgrade weights to 115lbs/155lbs
Zone 3 – scale cleans to 75lbs/115lbs
Zone 2 – scale to assisted ring dips, scale knees to elbows to hanging leg raises
Zone 1 – scale clean as needed, ring dips to pushups, and knees to elbows to double crunch

Cash Out – MWOD

* 1 – 2 minutes getting into the upper traps with a lacrosse ball
* 1 – 2 minutes per side stretching out the chest with a rubber band
* 1 – 2 minutes in figure four stretch against the wall

Workout of the Day

  1. Harrison Nguyen03-07-12

    Just wanted to say that I have been to both of Steve's classes and they have been great!

    • Steve Soley03-07-12

      I do it all for you budday!!!!

  2. Jon03-07-12

    Looks like a sweet workout! really want to do this one again soon (not on a open workout day)

  3. Craig R03-07-12

    Not listed in the benefits of compression tights is that they make me feel sexy… and I think it's scientifically proven that if you feel sexy you in fact have an increase in your net sexy levels.

    I will probably pick up some shorts while they are on sale.

    • Deanna Whiteley03-07-12

      That is the truth Craig 😉
      I can't wait to be loaded up in skins. I am going to get the shirt, and sleeves!

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