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Doing some testing today: first up, 5 minutes of burpees. Ignore the burning sensation in your quads and just keep moving. You’ll move directly in to 3 minutes of ground to overhead (G2O). That means get that bar from the ground to above your head (safely) as many times as you can, any way you can in 3 minutes. Snatch, power snatch, clean & jerk, power clean & push press….everything is game.

Good luck!

Workout of the Day


7min AMRAP:
3 DL/3 HCL/3 FS/3 PP/3 SJ/3 BS/3 GM


EMOM for 10min:
5 PC & J


Burpee to 6″ target: Max Reps in 5:00 min

Ground to Overhead: Max reps in 3:00 min

*Transition from burpees immediately in to G2O
*Two scores – Burpees and G2O

RX: 105/155
Zone 3: 85/125
Zone 2: 55/95
Zone 1: scale as needed


Lateral hamstring stretch – 2min/side

Smash/roll hamstrings

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