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Welcome Amro!

Hey Zoners,

A big congratulations and welcome to Amro, who just crushed FGB on Friday and graduated to class. It’s been a long, hard road for Amro, but he’s done it! If you see him around class, say hi and ask him if he’s done his mobility work for the day!

Workout of the Day


4 Rounds

:15 Jumping Jack

:15 Squat

:15 Mountain Climber

:15 Jump Squat

1:00 Rest

4 Rounds

:15 Plank

:15 Superman

:15 Side Plank

:15 Side Plank


100m Sprints: EMOM for 10min


Push Up: 3 every :15 for 16 Intervals

1:00 Rest

Box Jump (Step Down) every :15 for 16 Intervals

Rx: 24″/30″
Zone 3 – Band-assisted push-ups
Zone 2 – Box step-ups, scale push-up reps
Zone 1 – scale as needed


Band hip extension – 2min/side

Band lateral opener (pec stretch) – 2min/side

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