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Welcome, Gail!

This is our newest member Gail! She has been making huge strides in her fitness and it is my pleasure to welcome her to class. Please congratulate her on her amazing achievement.


Workout of the Day


4 Rounds
:15 Jumping Jack
:15 Squat
:15 MC
:15 Push-up

4 Rounds
:15 Plank
:15 Superman
:15 Side Plank – L
:15 Side Plank – R


Alternate every other minute for 10min:
-10 BS
-10 SP


4 rounds:
400m run
PCL: 12
BS: 12

RX: 135/205
Zone 3: 95/155
Zone 2: 55/135
Zone 1: scale as needed


Roll/smash calves

Banded hip extension – 2min/side

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