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Welcome, Kendrick!

Congrats to Kendrick on his amazing graduation achievement! Kendrick has already seen some amazing gains: He now can complete 8 strict pull ups (up from 0) and is squatting 125# (up from 0). He is now excelling on his hockey team and loves the results he is getting, especially putting the puck in the net!


Workout of the Day


3 rds:

5 bootstrappers/5 divebombers/10 FG RR/10 Single Leg DL (5/leg)/20 JJ


Alternate EMOM for 10min:
-10 1 arm DB shoulder press (5/side)
-10 1 arm RR (5/side)


:30 Work/:30 Rest
-DB Thruster
-Burpee Box Jump ON AND Over
-KB Swing
5 Rounds

RX: 35/55 (DB), 35/55 (KB), 20/24″
Zone 3: 25/35, 30/45
Zone 2: 15/25, 25/35
Zone 1: scale as needed


Band overhead distraction (lat stretch) – 2min/side

Smash/roll lats

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