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Welcome, Lena & Rodney!

Please welcome Lena and Rodney to group classes.

They have dabbled in CrossFit in the past and are very excited to meet the Zone crew at the box.


Workout of the Day


Run/lunge 2x
Run/butt kickers 2x
Run/SLM 2x
Run/power skips 2x
Run/Spidey 2x
Run/Toe Hold 2x
Run/inchworm 2x


Set clock for 10min & alternate exercises every other minute:
-10 BS
-10 SP


Tabata :20/:10 x 8 – 1:00 Rest between ex:

RX: 35/45
Zone 2: 15/35
Zone 1: scale as needed


Band super front rack – 2min/side

Band bully – 2min/side

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