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Welcome, Sun!

This is Sun! He is from south Korea he moved here specifically to train with the world famous Gord Kehoe 😉 He is in Victoria to learn English. His English skills have improved just as much as his crossfit has. He started out not knowing anything about CrossFit and is now ready to start throwing down with the group. Please congratulate Sun when you see him this week!


Workout of the Day


3 rds:

10 Russian KB swings/5 goblet squats/2 TGU w/windmill (1/side)


Tabata (16 rounds):
:20 hold/:10 rest:
-Hollow hold


For time:
-Row: 1K
-DU: 100
-Push Up: 75
-AbMat Sit Up: 50
-Pull Up: 25

Zone 3: Band push/pull
Zone 2: Box push, RR, 3:1 single skips/scale DU’s
Zone 1: scale as needed


Band bully – 2min/side

Bone saw/smash calves

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