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Why Can’t You?

Yes Coach!

At some point in the recent past you made a decision to come to CrossFit Zone. You made a decision to push your body to limits many other people never even contemplate, maybe limits you thought were not possible. You made a decision to put yourself in the capable hands of your Crossfit coaches. And now, whether you are a Crossfit “senior” or Crossfit “newbie” you come religiously for your weekly workouts. Sometimes you feel focused, motivated, driven, and on other days it’s like pulling teeth to get yourself to the gym. Some days you lift, jump, row like nobody’s business, yet often you find yourself questioning your ability to do the WOD laid out before you. You look at the words on the board in front of you and you start questioning your ability to perform. Maybe you make excuses, or justify why it will be hard for you…or you say things like “but I can’t even do one double under”. It is here where the opportunity to make yourself a better, stronger and fitter athlete begins. In this moment, when the seed of self-doubt begins to plant itself inside your brain you have the chance to stop it from growing. I would like to draw your focus to the idea that you have control over the most important thing in your life; You have control over the thoughts that you think at any moment in time and it is these thoughts that shape what will eventually become your reality. If the current thought begins with “I can’t” you are setting yourself up for failure, before giving yourself the chance to succeed. It may take a great amount of practice (perhaps like learning a snatch, or in my case, double unders!) but practicing awareness of our current thoughts and how they shape how we feel about ourselves and eventually how they shape what we say and do can be learned and mastered – like anything else.

What if I told you, you have the chance to be great, and strong and powerful? Would you not jump at the chance to be these things? What if I told you it was as easy as becoming aware of your thoughts, and starts with a simple and gentle reminder that being negative about yourself is not necessary?

I ask you to tell me why can’t you do something? Because I have never tried it….doesn’t mean you can’t try it right now? Because my friend said it was really hard…doesn’t mean you aren’t able to do it! Because I couldn’t do it last time….doesn’t mean you can’t because today is a new day. Because I have an injury…doesn’t mean you can’t, maybe it will just take a little longer.

What if everything you did you approached with an attitude of “I can” with an open mind to seeing what might happen today, just because something did or did not happen yesterday—-does not mean it will/won’t today. Today has the capacity of being a CAN DO day and you have the capacity to DO.

We are limited largely by our minds ability to accept how truly great we are right now. Our challenge is to embrace our greatness and let our greatness grow.

Today might be the day for you to get a new max lift or PR on a workout. Although PR’s may not happen every day, every time you train, train with the intention and the integrity of reaching for those goals.

Here is my challenge for you; practice with your mind the idea and the attitude of “I can” and work on removing the occasions (perhaps completely) when the shadow of doubt creeps into your subconscious and tells you “I can’t”. I challenge you to gradually remove the boundaries and limits that can’t has set upon your life.

~ Heather Bailey

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 800m jog

WOD – “Tupper”

Named after Hbomb’s sweet, muscular 4-legged companion, this wod is sure to make you salivate…  Just like Tupper when he spies salty legs to lick 🙂

For time:

4 rounds of:

  • 10 hspu (girls 1 abmat), kipping allowed
  • 15 toes to bar
  • 20 unbroken kbs (1/1.5pd)*
  • 200m run

*If you break on the kbs, the penalty is 10 burpees per break, put on the end of the wod.

*Games Prep:  Scale up to 1.5/2pd

Zone 4:  scale hspu – guys to 1 abmat, girls to 2

Zone 3:  scale hspu to box, sub kte for ttb, kbs scale as needed

Zone 2:  sub regular pushups for hspu

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash Out – Target practice – how far away from the wall can you hit the red dots with a soccer or rugby ball?  Each person gets 6 attempts total!

Workout of the Day

  1. Shannon (Bones)05-14-10

    Oooh! I’ll be saving myself for this little beauty of a WOD tomorrow night! Nice.

  2. Kath05-14-10

    This post brings reminds me of of a quote from the Buddha “it is your mind that creates this world.”

  3. Amber05-14-10

    I feel like I need to say it ” Amen Sister”

    I totally got a rush from reading that post. I can feel your energy through your words but also each and every time we WOD together. Thanks for that Heather…… you are a great addition to the Zone and we are so blessed to have another powerful coach in our corner.

    PS: Tupper is okay too 😛

  4. Catherine05-14-10

    HBomb, awesome article. Thanks for the inspiring and positive words. See you soon when I finally get a chance to crush some WODs again.

  5. Brian O05-14-10

    Heather – you’re awesome 🙂

  6. b05-14-10

    AWWWWW a wod named after my bf!!!
    I love your post, gf! although i am pretty vain thinking some of it was aimed toward me!
    Can’t wait to do tupper….?!??

  7. Felix05-14-10

    Great post! “Attitude is Altitude”.

  8. Sean Falconer05-14-10

    This is my kind of WOD.

  9. Angry Kitten05-14-10

    Awesome post HBomb! I love wodding with you, you keep me positive 🙂

    Great workout this morning ladies, it was very inspiring seeing you all do things you have never done before.

    Way to go on firing off those HSPU’s Jas, Bonnie, Kandas, Heather and Nicci!!!

    Who loves toes to bar now???

  10. Bonnie05-14-10

    There was a lot of girl power at this mornings class! Way to go everyone 🙂
    Great post, Heather you have a wonderful attitude and positive energy.

  11. Jasmine05-14-10

    Get post Heather. Clearly 100% girl power this morning. Amazing class ladies!

  12. Doc05-14-10

    Great post, Heather!

    This is definitely my kind of WOD. Sad to miss it! I’ll have to make it up at an open gym…

  13. Erika05-15-10

    As a ‘newbie’ what really sold me on Crossfit was all of YOU! What a thrill to come to the gym to watch, support and be inspired by people constantly pushing their limits. The incredible part of this atmosphere is no matter what those limits were everyone recognized what a tremendous individual accomplishment each person achieved or continues to strive towards!
    THANK you – for all making me realize I can. And for believing in me when I may not. I’m really working to replace fear with CURIOSITY and doubt with FAITH & TRUST. And it’s tons of fun to explore that with all of you! Thanks Heather – you really are the bomb 🙂

  14. cam05-16-10

    awesome post, HB. I really agree with this and I feel crossfit has been a huge benefit for me in terms of my mental approach to life and fitness. By removing physical limitations and experiencing constant improvement through crossfit, I gain in confidence and enthusiasm for trying things and pushing myself in “regular life”.

    thanks for writing this, puts a lot of things in perspective. it’s obvious that you live this way as you have really taken crossfit zone by storm and it doesn’t look like there is any stopping anytime soon!

    keep on rocking


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