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Winter 2015 Whole Life Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the winter Whole Life Challenge! Out of those participants that took part in the Final workout and measurements, here are the results:

Workout Improvement:
1. Loni – 20%
2. Joey – 17%
3. Deanna – 8%

Body Measurement improvement:
1. Joey – 8%
2. Deanna – 5%
3. Lisa L and Loni – 3%

Overall score:
1. Joey
2. Deanna
3. Lisa L

I would like to give a shout out to Joey for the amazing results he got throughout the challenge. He took part in the lifestyle challenge (intermediate) and lost 7.5 inches total (5 from waist and 2.5 from hips) and 17 pounds. He improved his workout by 23 reps and now he is crushing wods with his unlimited membership and taking part in the CrossFit Open. Keep up the hard work Joey!

The next Whole Life Challenge starts May 2nd. Early Bird Registration ($39) until Apr. 15th. Go to

If you are interested in the challenge, ask one of your fellow athletes about their experience.

Workout of the Day


4 Rounds
:15 Jumping Jack
:15 Air Squat
:15 Mountain Climber
:15 Jump Squat

5min mobility


E2M for 10min:
-5 Back Squat (BS)
-Superset with 10 1 arm DB press (5 per side)


EMOM for 10min:
Wall Ball: 10
DU: 15

RX: 14/20
Zone 3: 10/14
Zone 2: single skips 3:1
Zone 1: scale as needed


Calf stretch – 2min/side

Smash/roll heel cord & calves

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