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WOD-Killah Of The Month


You may remember that last month we highlighted our Zoner of the month, Jeff Kreczmer.  We all got to know Jeff a little better through a wonderful interview and video post put together by Zoner Ryan Clarke.  And now we’re back at it again with a fresh installment for April!

Without further ado, we would like to announce that the April WODKillah is non other than Ivy Chen!   Check out her video interview, and learn all about what makes this tiny Wonder Woman keep on coming back to CrossFit…

We’re really proud of Ivy’s tenacity, and are so pleased to see that she’s achieving results she never dreamed were possible.  So, if you see Ivy in the gym in the next while, give her a pat on the back and congratulate her on a job well done!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Squat Clean and Push Jerk 6 x 2 reps @ 70 – 80% of 1RM

  • Warmup with a few sets, then keep all sets heavy but smooth
  • Practice squat clean with bar only if new to this movement

WOD – “Hail Mary”

This is an 8 minute AMRAP of pistols and handstand pushups.  Unlike the actual “Mary” workout, you don’t have to do a certain number of each, just accumulate as many reps as possible (as long as you get one rep of each movement!).

Rx: HSPU with head to floor, no kip

Zone 4: HSPU to one abmat

Zone 3: scale HSPU as needed, use the red band for pistols

Zone 2: sub regular pushups for HSPU, asssisted pistols as needed

Zone 1: scale as needed

GAMES PREP: work through rounds of 5 HSPU’s unbroken (if possible) and 10 pistols


Cash Out : Athlete’s choice of 25, 50 or 75 pullups.

GAMES PREP: sets of 15 – 20 reps unbroken, but don’t tear your hands!

  • Use your judgment on this one
  • If you will get sore from high reps, do what your body can handle to keep technique fresh!

Workout of the Day

  1. Shannon (Bones)04-18-11

    Oooooeeeee! This WOD looks like FUN. 🙂

  2. Angry Kitten04-18-11

    This is my kind of wod! I would love to see that in the CF Open 🙂

  3. Lucas04-18-11

    Nice video! Well deserved spotlight, Ivy – you have the heart of a lion and the determination of a pitbull! It is always a treat to watch you do battle in the arena 🙂

  4. Angry Kitten04-18-11

    Ivy Chen… I just wanted to say that you amaze me everyday. You have the mental strength to push through anything and the drive to want to push hard. I am so proud of you. Question… why don’t we have a nickname for this little firecracker? Any thoughts of a good name?

  5. Wendy04-18-11

    Yeah Ivy! For a nickname, maybe ‘lady Murph’ in honour of that awesome effort?

  6. Chris04-18-11

    How about “Poison” or “Poison Ivy”? Seems appropriate for the “WOD-Killah”.

  7. Shannon (Bones)04-18-11

    Chris, that’s EXACTLY what I was going to suggest! Right down to the very last word. 🙂

  8. Felix04-19-11

    But.. Poison Ivy is pretty played out, true story 😛

  9. Shannon (Bones)04-19-11

    Oh, but Felix, those are the nicknames that are the best, because they naturally STICK!

  10. Nicci04-19-11

    Ivy- you are so deserving of the spotlight!! I have watched you gain an amazing amount of strength and confidence over the last year. I am truly impressed with your tiny but ever so tough being!! Congrats girl.

  11. Kath04-19-11

    Just watched the video and will NEVER FORGET counting for you for the Kelly challenge – you totally inspire me Ivy and I love WODing with you. Your spirit really is what Crossfit is all about.

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