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Announcing the first Zone Games!

It goes without saying that the CrossFit Games season has generated excitement and enthusiasm around the Zone. Now that our athletes have given their best and their journey has ended, it only makes sense to bring the Games to our own backyard so that everyone can share in the fun! So here are the details of the first ever Zone Games…

When: Sunday June 27 2010 from 800am to 500pm

Where: At the Zone of course!

Who: Athletes who want to get a taste of an official competition and who want to challenge themselves over and above the pursuit of the daily WOD. There will be two categories of athletes – Open and Advanced. Open is meant for novice-intermediate athletes who usually fit into the Zone 3 scaling, and Advanced athletes are individuals who can perform the Elite scaling on most WODs. See chart below to find out what category you fit into.

If you want to compete and you are not at the Open Level, we can scale your workouts however you will be scored below anyone who has not scaled.

What: Three events, covering as many possible time domains and modes of fitness to achieve the best all-round challenge of your abilities. Athletes will be scored by placing in all the WODs and will be ranked on the basis of their overall performance.

How: Pick up a registration form from the Zone office, complete it, and bring it in with $15 registration no later than Sunday June 20th.

Athlete Category Performance Standards

  Open Female Advanced Female Open Male Advanced Male
Pullups 10 15 15 25
Thrusters (3 rep) 65lb 95lb 95lb 135lb
Deadlift 1RM 150lb 200lb 200lb 300lb
Wallball 10lb to 10′ 14lb to 10′ 14lb to 10′ 20lb to 10′
Muscle up 3+
Pushups 10 from toes 15 from toes 15 from toes Hspu – 4+
Clean and Jerk 1RM 65+ 115+ 95+ 175+

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Snatch Technique – 4 rounds, increasing weight each round of:  2 snatch grip deadlift, 1 hang power snatch, 1 snatch balance.

Followed by – full snatch warm-up to the weight you will use in the WOD

WOD – “Isabel”

A classic CrossFit workout, Isabel has yet to be done “Rx” in the Zone, so there’s lots of room on the leaderboard ;).  If you’re not that familiar with the snatch, scale down and work on technique and refining the movement.  If you’re close to doing the weights Rx, then try Zone 4.  If going for full Rx, think about setting a pace – i.e. performing one snatch every 30s or so. 

Elite – 30 snatches for time (95/135)

Zone 5 – 15 snatches for time (95/135)

Zone 4 – 30 snatches for time (75/115)

Zone 3: scale snatches to 55/95

Zone 2:  scale snatches to 35/65

Zone 1: scale snatches or exercise (i.e. change to overhead squats) as needed

Cash Out – 8 turkish get-ups per side (alternate) and 5-10 handstand holds of 10s


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