Party Time

The Christmas party is happening tonight.  Time to dress to impress and head down to the Box at 7:00pm.  We will have beer, wine, appetizers and lots of fun!  Find a ride down and take a cab home with a complimentary cab voucher.

If you have not got your ticket yet, get one at class today or at the door.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 3 position cleans

  • Position 1 – high hang
  • Position 2 – mid thigh
  • Position 3 – ground

Start at position 1 taking reps working up in weight until you fail a rep, then move to position 2 working up in weight until you fail a rep and then move to position 3.

WOD – “Elizabeth” or “Partner Elizabeth”

Compare to August 8th

21-15-9 reps for time:
Clean 95/135lbs
Ring Dip


5 rounds of:
P1 – 10 Ring Dips
P2 – Squat cleans (95/135lbs)

Partner 1 starts with Ring Dips, Partner 2 does Squat Cleans until Partner 1 completes the 10 reps. Once completed, the partners switch exercises. When both partners have completed each exercise 5 times, you are done!

Zone 3 – scale to assisted ring dips
Zone 2 – scale clean weight as needed
Zone 1 – scale ring dips to regular pushups, scale wod as needed

Cash Out – Stretch out your traps from all the shrugging!


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