Get decked out in the latest Crossfit Zone gear and equipment. All items are available for purchase at the gym.

Crossfit Zone Tshirt: “Don’t use a machine…BECOME ONE”

While wearing this Tshirt you will rock any WOD, both in skill AND style. Why is this T-shirt so awesome? Because it was made from the tears of a bodybuilder after a Crossfitter whooped their ass…

Colours: Red, Black or Grey

$30 (plus HST)

Crossfit Zone T Shirts

Much like the Crossfit Zone Tshirts above except, it’s lighter weight, made by Reebok and  there is no writing on the back so you can show off your awesome sweat.

Colours: Blue or Black

$30 (plus HST)

Crossfit Zone Hoodies

Comes in both zip-up and pullover style. Use this to keep warm, or to keep people from staring at how ripped you are.

Colours: Black or Red

$55 (plus HST)

Skipping Ropes

….Because you look stupid jumping up and down without one.

$20 (plus HST)

ALTUS Resistance Bands

Sometimes Altus is just so powerful that you’re going to need a band to resist him.  None of this soft rock garbage…were talking hard core rock!  Need more resistance? Try the death metal ones.

Assorted Resistances

$10 (plus HST)

Mighty Omega Fish Oil

You need the power of fish to work out.  What??  You didn’t know that? That’s because your brain isn’t working and you clearly need fish oil.

$34 (plus HST)

“Power” Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinking from steel makes you more powerful! As an added bonus, these water bottles were made from the destroyed machines at Fitness World.

$20 (plus HST)

WSF Wrist Straps

Strap it on your wrist and scream out “WSF !” and your workout is guaranteed to be THAT much better than the person beside you who doesn’t have WSF wrist straps.

$20 (plus HST)

Q-Energy: The Healthy Energy Drink

Filled with all the things you need to make it through a Crossfit workout and be more awesome because of it.

$2/pack or $17.50/10 pack (Plus HST on 10 pack)

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