Take your fish oil…

… because it is going to be a SQUAT intensive month.  I remember when I first competed in the CrossFit North Van Oly competition in 2011 (I believe), I ran into this high-school Olympic lifting coach named Dieter, and he asked me how many days a week I squatted.  I answered, and he told me if I wanted to get stronger I need to be squatting 8 days a week!  Well maybe not 8 days lol!  The other advice he gave me was fish oil fixes everything!!!  So what I am getting at is, with all the heavy squatting, you need to make sure that you are practicing the proper recovery methods. One very important recovery method is increasing your Omega 3 intake to help reduce inflammation.  At the gym we have MightyOmega fish oil for sale at the gym.  This is not a sales pitch, it is more to educate you on the product and the importance of this type of supplement.  How does MightyOmega fish oil help recovery?

  1. Reduction in sore muscles after a workout

  2. Reduced recovery time so you can hit your next workout sooner

  3. Reduced joint stiffness and pain

  4. Enhanced mobility

However, let’s quickly go over the equally important silent and covert results which compound over weeks, months and years of regular use. The daily intake of EPA and DHA cause them to saturate your tissues as they accumulate in cell membranes–protecting them and making them more flexible. As a result, you’re protected.


For more information about the product, check out: http://epicnutrients.com/


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcXxJvRbtJw’]


Today`s WOD is to work on stringing repetitions together and do unbroken sets.  There is only one minute to complete both exercises, so please scale the reps down to allow you rest time before the next set.  This workout is not meant to turn into an amrap.  If you need to scale the reps to 3-5 each exercise to complete them unbroken, please do so.  Another focus is quick transition time between exercises.   Have fun!


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