2nd Olympic Lifting Competition – Oct. 16th

Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence will be hosting another casual/ everyone welcome lifting competition this weekend, Saturday October 16th.   Sorry for the short notice, but if you are interested, please let us know by this evening (Thursday).

This is a great opportunity for our gang to have some fun and do some lifting in a different context.  Like I said, anyone is welcome!


Women will start at 1:00

Men will start at TBA

Please arrive an hour ahead of your start time to register, warm up etc.

Once we know how many people are coming we’ll have a better idea of the schedule (shouldn’t go later than 5) and number of attempts we will be allowing.


  • Competition will be snatch and then clean and jerk.
  • There will be a weigh in just prior to the event to determine rankings
  • Contestants will declare their opening attempts at weigh in.
  • Technique will be judged as per IWF standards (no press out etc., must wait for down signal).
  • There will be four platform warm up area and a competition platform.  Eleiko and DHS IWF certified (kg sets) bars and bumpers will be used.
  • Clean and jerk competition will begin 15min after the end of the snatch event.
  • There will be weigh-ins prior to each group starting, no weight classes but relative weight lifted (vs body weight) will be scored by a Sinclair coefficient.
  • The weight of the bar will begin at the lowest declared opening attempt and will progressively move up in weight.
  • Each contestant may be limited to the number  of attempts (instead of 3), depending on the number of competitors but will be eliminated after 2 consecutive misses.
  • At every successive weight each athlete will have the opportunity to lift it or decline it and wait for a heavier weight.
  • Athletes are not required to lift the opening weight and can enter the contest at any time.
  • The highest weight the athlete lifts will count towards their total.
  • Sinclair total will determine the overall male and female winners.
  • There will be no entry fee but everyone will have to sign a waiver at the front desk.
  • Volunteer scorekeepers and loaders would be appreciated (i.e. men during the women’s event and vice versa).

Let’s get our gang to represent!  Should be fun!

If you are interested, please email cam@crossfitzone.ca.  We have to have the final number by the end of today.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In 3 rounds not for time of 5 goblet squats, 5 double crunch, 5 kb swings, & 100M sprint


Part 1: Back Squat 4 x 6 Reps, work your way up to a heavy 6RM

Part 2: AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 5 Snatch balance (65/95)
  • 5 Chest to bar Pullups
  • 5 Arch rocks

Zone 3: scale to regular pullups

Zone 2: scale snatch balance as needed

Zone 1: scale as needed

* Score by adding your 6RM to total reps in the AMRAP

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