5 Down, 1 to Go!

Hey Zoners!

So with one WOD left (out of 6 toughies!) to go, our team of intrepid athletes are still humming along and crushing workouts.  From conquering new moves and hitting fresh PR’s to hitting leaderboard-topping scores, our crew has shown amazing grit and tenacity throughout this competition.

Our team currently sits in 6th place in Western Canada ( teams) and only 8 ranking points separate us from 2nd place.  Each week the best 3 women’s scores and best 3 men’s scores contribute to our team ranking and it’s great to see a variety of different athletes put in top scores.

On the women’s side, our gang’s rankings in Canada West are as follows:

  • Krista Kitson – 24th
  • Charly Thivierge-Lortie – 46
  • France Legault – 58
  • Deanna Whiteley – 60
  • Lindsay McCardle – 70 (while having to take a score of “1” in wod 11.5 – so this is an amazing ranking with that in mind!)
  • Laura Muddiman – 74
  • Sarah Warder – 89
  • Erika-Leigh Stirton – 94
  • Shannon Jones – 169
  • Kathleen Brandsma – 181
  • Tara Hailstone – 184
  • Nicci Rangel – 219
  • Wendy Callendar – 222 (also forced to take a last place score in wod 1 due to an injury!)

If you’ve been keeping track of the workouts, you’ll know how much these women have been through to even stay in the competition – just for the record, over 100 female athletes have dropped out of the Canada West region since the first workout!  Our girls have stuck it out and continue to shine each week!

Here are the men’s scores to date:

  • Lucas Parker, 2nd
  • Cam Birtwell, 36
  • Mike McCabe, 46
  • Tom James, 49
  • Paul Prsala, 75
  • Jeremy Bomhof, 116
  • Warren Reeves, 118
  • Adam Giles, 155
  • Sean Bruce, 160
  • Kyle Reid, 189
  • Sam Dewett, 192
  • Rob MacKay, 278
  • Craig Rice – 281
  • Dino Larizza, 292
  • Eric Brown, 304
  • Allan Jackman, 352

Again, impressive results especially considering that a few hundred men have dropped out so far!  Great work all round gents.

So with one WOD to go and only the top 60 athletes advancing to the Regionals, those at or near the cutoff need your support more than ever!  The same rings true to the rest of the team, who have taken the plunge and have powered through goats galore on the way to the sixth and final workout.

This Wednesday evening at 6:30, most of our team members will give the last workout a shot… Come on out and cheer, judge, or armchair quarterback as they take on 7 minutes of thrusters and pullups.  Other opportunities for the athletes to do the workout will most likely pop up on Friday evening and maybe also Sunday, so stay tuned for those.

So gang, only one to go, 5 in the books, let’s make it a solid last week and put out our best efforts yet… because remember that:

“Full effort is full victory!”  – James OPT FitzGerald


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Athlete’s Choice – Thruster or Shoulder Press:  6 x 1

  • If doing 11.6 on Wed, go with the thrusters and work on speed into and out of the bottom position with moderate to heavy weights – NOT max)
  • Shoulder press – build up to a 1RM

WOD:  “Breaking up with Isabel”

This is an interval workout designed to work on your maintnenance of technique under fatigue.  If you’ve done this before, check your previous weight and try to up it by a small amount.  Sectionals competitors go with a moderate weight and work on perfecting form.

  • 6 rounds of 5 reps of the snatch (squat or power).
  • Each round starts on a 2min timer, after completing 5 reps, rest the remainder of the 2 mins.
  • If you don’t make 5 reps in any one of the sets, mark the workout as “not prescribed”

Rx:  95/135

Zone 4:  75/115

Zone 3:  65/95

Zone 2:  45/65

Zone 1: scale weight/movement as needed

Cash-Out: Goat practice – choose one of the following skills and work on it without fatigue:

  • double unders
  • pistol squats
  • handstands


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