Slipping Off The “Zonewagon”

CrossFit Victoria - Theresa doing a funky L-Sit
Theresa doing a funky L-Sit @ Lululemon

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I’m assuming everyone is still strictly Zoning, right?  Ha!   I thought so… Don’t worry, because you aren’t the only one that has been slipping. We are all in the same boat.  Many of us were in the driver’s seat,  but now find ourselves holding desperately onto the side, feeling dragged along and trying not to let go. I want to give everyone three ways to help you stay on your Zone diet and find your way back to good eating.

1. Study the Zone.
If you haven’t bought a Zone book, you should.  Then, you should read it.  Just by constantly reading about the Zone and what the Zone does for you, will help you stay strong and motivated.  I recommend reading “Mastering the Zone” or “Enter the Zone” by Dr. Barry Sears. They both are very in depth but do help you feel the need, not just the want, to Zone hard.  If you prefer a quick read instead, pick up “A Week in the Zone”, also by Dr. Barry Sears.

2. Keep a nutrition journal.
Everything you eat or drink, write it down!  Write down what time you eat, how you feel after, how you feel an hour later, what proportions you’re eating.  Be very specific.  This way, next time you see those Doritos in your pantry, you can go back into your journal and read about how horrible you felt after you ate them last time.

3. Write down reasons why you should eat well.
Your list may look something like this:

* lower body weight
* decrease body fat
* health and longevity
* more energy
* blah, blah, blah

That list is CRAP! Your Goals need to be measurable and specific!
Your list should look like this:

* I want to lose X number of pounds by this date.
* I want to be down to X % Body fat.
* I will set an example for my kids so they develop healthy eating habits to prevent diabetes and obesity.
* I want to be around and functional as long as possible to watch my kids grow up, graduate, get married and be there for my spouse.
* I don’t want heart disease or other chronic illness that could be a result of my poor nutrion. I don’t want family and friends to see me in that kind of condition.
* I want to be able to deadlift X#.
* I will recover from WODs faster and stronger.
* I will compete with so and so.
* When I go to the beach I want people to stare at me with their tongues hanging out.

Read your list daily, every chance you get, until it’s a constant reminder of why you should eat well.  Add to it, know it, believe it.

Do these 3 steps, and I promise you will be able to stay motivated.  Often, we all just lose sight of what we want.  We need to refresh our minds as to why nutrition is so important.  So, take heart!  If you fell off the Zone wagon, you can easily jump back on!  With the great people in our CrossFit Zone community, you can even buddy up and get yourself an accountability partner.  Help each other to help yourselves.  Also, don’t forget about all our great CrossFit Zone coaches who are ready and willing to keep you nutritionally accountable!

Today’s Workout:

Buy Inwalking samson stretch, high knees, butt kicks, hip openers, leg kicks, high soldier walk, forward sumo lunge, backwards sumo lunge to the end of the parking lot and sprint back x 3

WOD – “Warrior Trainer Workout”

Elite: 10 rounds

1 power clean (85 lbs/135 lbs)
3 hang squat cleans
2 push jerk/split jerk
30 m sprint

This is done in partners, one person works at a time and must complete a full round before tagging their partner in. Then your partner will start the next round, so that is 5 rounds per partner. Good Luck 🙂

Zone 3: scaled to 65 lbs/ 105 lbs

Zone 2: scaled to 45 lbs/95 lbs

Zone 1: scaled to 6 Rounds with 30 lbs/65 lbs

Cash OutL-Sit practice 30 seconds x 4; stretching


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