A Busy Week…

Linds like her choco moo – a LOT!

This is one of the best weeks of the year to spend quality time with your Zone friends, and all while NOT ending up in a pile of sweat on the floor.  And, as a by-product, you just may learn something!

On Monday, we have Kristine Salmon, D.C., coming to talk to us about shoulder and lower back stability. This is a very important topic to all CrossFitters.  Overhead lifts are hard on those joints!  You can learn how to work them in order to maximize your lifting, better your all-round CrossFitting, and improve your posture and overall health. For more information, see the link on the events page.  Don’t forget to sign up in the office if you’re interested in the seminar.

Wednesday brings a fun social night to wish our boy Scoots good luck as he heads to the Games next week! After the 6:30 class p.m. (ie.  at 7:30 p.m.) we are going to head out to the Bard and Banker Pub and lift a pint to Lucas. Scoots, we are so proud of you! We know you are going to go down to LA and compete like a super star, all according to your “plan”.

We will also be lifting a drink on Wednesday to Adam and Tanya who, sadly, are leaving us! 🙁

Thursday, our friends at CrossFit Taranis are offering a special presentation by Dr. Chestnut, who is an educator and author, and specializes in genetic nutritional requirements. A donation to the Taranis Games athletes fund is the price of admission.  You can email susan@ crossfitvic.com to reserve a place!  See our events page, or visit the CrossFit Taranis website for more info.

On Friday, we are wishing some of our Zoners farewell (for now…). BonBon, Will and Jenn Poole are moving on to bigger things!  Come and say goodbye to them, and bring a yummy item to share.  We’ll be gathering at the gym on Friday night at 6:30 p.m.

Next Week-
Monday will be the nutritional and hydration seminar by Kristine Salmon.  Hope to see all of you there!

Questions, comments, event ideas? Email brigit@crossfitzone.ca

Question of the day: What is YOUR food routine?  3 meals a day?  Eat every two hours?  Do you follow a specific diet or program? What do you think is important when fueling your body? Do you always get your fish oil?  Post in the comments what you do, and your reasoning as to why.  Thanks!


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Step-ups – 3 x10 per leg

  • use a small or medium size step (knee at 90* bend when foot on box)

WOD:  Squat, Hop, and Row!

This is a 10min Amrap of:

  • 1500m row, then in the remaining time:
  • 8 squat clean (75/115)
  • 8 barhop burpee

Zone 4 – scale bar weight to 65/95

Zone 3 – scale bar weight to 55/75

Zone 2 – scale bar weight as needed

Zone 1 – scale wod as needed

Cash-Out: Record your score in Myfrantime!


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