A different approach

What an inspiring weekend! Just wanted to say thanks to Taranis for putting on an amazing event, a shout out to all the Zone competitors (team and individual) and our loving family that came out to support us and cheer!

Being this was my 4th competition this year, I went into it with a different outlook.  I have to be honest that I had a really hard time at this competition as I have had a difficult time pushing myself to the limit in the wods since Regionals.  Unfortunately, this is not a good thing, especially going into a competition.

I took a different approach leading up to this competition.   I  have purely been working on strength and my metcons have been lacking.  But I know that when it comes down to it,  my lungs are conditioned enough for anything if my mind is.  I remember going to Sectionals and Regionals, days before the competition,  I was so sick to my stomach and could not eat.  But, going into this competition I tried not to think about anything.  I would not let myself think about what my strengths and weaknesses are, or the possible workouts to come.  I found this approach worked for me, as I was not stressed leading up to the event.  I did feel like I was getting sick the day before,  but not sure if it was my nerves or not.

Night before the competition, the first workout was posted and I was sooooo stoked!

Event 1: Within a 10 minute time period, perform 1 set of max pullups. In the remaining time establish a 1 RM squat clean.

I just PR’d on my squat clean a week before and I was ready for a new PR!

I made sure that I was nice and warm before the event began.  I worked my way up to a 135lb squat clean and it was totally doable! Tried a few pullups (on the taped bar), then it was time to find a judge.  As I went to go on my bar, the judge told me that we are not allowed to use the taped bar.  This made my pullups a lot harder, my hands were slipping all over the place.   I held on as hard as I could and was only able to squeeze out 20 pullups (not a PR, at all).  I was a little disappointed in my performance, but shook it off and headed to the OL bar.  I look back at the pullups and wish I knew this ahead of time and I would have used a switch grip to make sure that I was able to stay on the bar longer… C’est la vie!  Got on the bar and worked my way up to 140lbs on the bar in 3 attempts, then tried for 145lbs about 3 times and was sooooo close!

20 pullups (19th place)
140lb Squat Clean (17th place)

Time to fuel up, stretch and wait for the next workout to be announced.

Event 2: 3 rounds of 15 wall ball (14 lb) + 10 burpees (5 minute time cap)

I have not been a huge fan of wallballs in the past, so normally when they come up I would always try to game how many I can do in a row or I would say: “Ok I will do 3 sets of 5”.  I talked myself out of it this time.  I made sure not to think about it and just keep throwing that ball.   I made it through the first set unbroken and hitting the target each time.  By the second round I missed a few balls and was able to string 10 and 5 together (still happy with that).  On the last round it was a little more challenging as I think that I missed about 3 wallballs,  but still happy with my performance.  I would set the ball down, take a breath and get back into it right away.   I was a little confused on the last round because up to this point (heat 5), only about 2 girls had completed the wod within the time limit.   The clock was at 3:30 as I went into my burpees, and I really thought that maybe I had only done 2 rounds,  so I left a little in the tank.  I know that I would have hit a sub 4:00 if I did not do that.  But what can you do, hey!

Result: 4:07.9 (10th place)

When the last workout was introduced, it got a lot of people talking.   It had an element that no one had heard of in a CrossFit workout before,  a backwards skip!  This wasn’t the first time that I tried this movement.  In my class just a couple of weeks ago,  Graham was rocking the backwards skips, so I thought I would give it a try.  Let’s just say that it is a completely different movement and requires patience, coordination and timing.  I played around with it a few times to make sure that I was able to perform at least 10 reps at a time.

Event 3: AMRAP in 20 minutes of 20 backwards skips + 20 squats + 20 double unders + 200 meter run

3-2-1- Go!!! I was surprised at my ability to do them unbroken sets of backwards skipping, as I was not able to in the warm up.  I had the backwards down, but was able to get my doubles strung together.  By the third round I realized that the reason for not getting the doubles was because I was getting frustrated from the judge counting my reps.  So, I kindly asked him to not count out loud and just let me know when I was done.  In doing that I was able to do a few unbroken sets (plus a few extra as I was not counting).  I wanted to give a special thanks to Chris Callendar for pacing me on the 200M run, once he started to do that, I picked up my pace. Going into my last round (round 8), I felt as though I was not going to have enough time to do another run, so I slowed my pace down.  I am not happy with myself as I didn’t push it every second of that workout, and remember, EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!!!  So needless to say, I had time to run, I think there was 54 seconds left on the clock, so I sprinted out that door as fast as I could and didn’t leave anything behind!  I made it through the door as I heard 3 – 2 – 1 time! I needed about 5 extra seconds, which I am sure that I wasted while taking my time on the other exercises.

Result: 7 rounds + 20 backwards, 20 squats, 20 doubles (17th Place)

At this point I was ready for the last workout to be over so I could just relax! The anticipation of the last workout, what is it going to be? I was really thinking deadlifts, floor to overhead and maybe some toes to bar.  I was not too far off!

Event 4: 5 rounds of 9 deadlifts + 6 power cleans + 3 squat clean to overhead (95 lb)

On to the warm up area to get that blood pumping one last time.  Warmed up with a bar, then 65lbs, then 85lbs of deadlifts, power cleans, front squat and push press.  Let’s just say that after the 100’s of squats that we did already today, 65lbs for a squat was feeling tough.

I feel like this was a very great workout for being the last one (not at the time),  because it will really separate the stronger athletes mentally and physically.   I had Sara from Taranis judging me, I really needed someone that new me to cheer me on and encourage me to keep going.

I feel like I did my best and I pushed as hard as my mind and body would let me, especially in the last round.  Out of no where Jer comes in, I really appreciated him at the time, but also hated him!  If it wasn’t for him, I would not have got on those squat cleans fast enough to almost finish.  And by saying almost, my last rep was going over head as the time was called! This was probably the hardest workout that I have ever done mentally, as my body was so fatigued and I did not have the physical or mental strength left to push myself through it.  So, thank you Jer, Brigit and Sara for helping me through it!

Result: 89 reps (18th place)

Like I said,  I went into this challenge with a different mind frame then Sectionals and Regionals.  I was calm and relaxed the days leading up to the challenge as well as the day of the challenge.  I also did not look at my scoring at all through the day, as I did not want to put any un-needed stress on myself throughout the day.  I was really hoping to place in the top 50%, but fell a little shy of that. I am very proud at how I did, and I don’t regret anything that I did or didn’t do.

Overall Placing 16th

As we teach all of our athletes, taking a break from CrossFitting is well needed every once in awhile.  If you don’t, you will run into the same problem I had/have.   I am unable to push myself to my limits anymore,  I really have to pick my battles.  This was bound to happen as this is my 4th competition this year and I have been CrossFitting for about 5 years now.  It is time for a mental break,  so I will be focusing my energy on becoming a better coach for all of you, perfecting my O-lifts, putting on more strengths and getting in some runs.  If you find yourself not wanting to push yourself, or not as passionate about the workouts, then you probably need a break.

Thanks again to all of you Zoner’s that came out to cheer us on, you have no idea on how much that means to all of us!


It is Remembrance Day, remember those who gave their lives so that we may live our lives in freedom.  One of our freedoms is to do with our leisure time what we choose.  We are all lucky to have the opportunity, health, and resources to train our bodies and improve our fitness and vitality – remember and cherish that each and every time you come in to train.

There is only one class today – 530pm with Coach Bones and it will feature a Hero WOD.

Buy-in: 3 rounds of 5 goblet squats, 5 inchworms, 5 overhead squats (bar/pvc)

WOD:  “DT”

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on February, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. 

Elite:  5 rounds for time of –

  • 12 deadlifts (105/155)
  • 9 hang power cleans (105/155)
  • 6 push presses (105/155)

Zone 4:  scale weight to 95/135

Zone 3:  scale weight to 75/115

Zone 2:  scale weight to 55/95

Zone 1:  scale weight as needed

Cash-Out:   Group Stretch


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