A Little R & R

Over-training, over-training, over-training. Why talk about it? Because working out, for many of us, is an addiction. The thought of not exercising…egad…it’s like telling a smoker to lay off the cigarettes for a few days. No dice!

So many of us have aches, pains, and little tweaks…and what do we say? “It’ll be alright, it’ll go away.” Maybe, but most likely if we keep running, biking, swimming, and crashing around CrossFit like a bunch of wild dogs, it won’t.

What’s the motive? Why the addiction? Will we lose muscle? Will we get fat? Will we drop our VO2? Will we be sore next time? Will we not be able to keep up? Will we miss something? Why? Why? Why?

Here are some informative articles:

Runners World article on Recovery

Runners World article on Tapering

Bodybuilding.com article on Recovery (for some technical insights)

All this means…whatever. Our actions must align with our goals. If exercise fills a social need, then maybe we put up with tweaks and aches. But if our goal is to feel as good as we can feel, or to get a Personal Record, or to place in our Age Group in a race, then we best consider how over-training may be undermining that goal.
No matter what, make sure to take care of yourself!

Age doesn't matter at CrossFit Zone, Darcy doing a max deadlift
Darcy doing a max deadlift - 140lbs!
Age doesn't matter at CrossFit Zone, Darcy doing a max deadlift
Kathy doing a max deadlift - 140lbs

Congrats ladies! You did a great job on the deadlifts. You never thought you could ever lift that much or maybe you were afraid to let me know or I will increase your weights 🙂

Today’s Workout:


3 Rounds for time:

* Goofy means the opposite side that you normally use when doing a split jerk.


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