Are you enjoying your Zone Experience?

“I want to let the world know that I got my first rip and I have almost reached my goal of 10 kipping pullups unbroken”

Hello Lovely Zoners!

We are wanting to try something new at the Zone for your entertainment! As you all know we have  a YouTube channel, this is where you have been watching the lovely WOD-Killah videos that Tubbs (AKA -Ryan Clarke) has been making.

We are wanting to hear from you…

What can you tell us about your experience at the Zone?

Has CrossFit Zone changed your life?

Are you in the best shape of your life?

Are your sports getting better?

We are starting to shoot little video testimonials that we will be uploading to YouTube.  Unfortunately, these will not be fancy videos like Tubbs.  We appreciate your help in letting Victoria know on how CrossFit Zone has impacted your life.

If you have any questions please chat with me at the gym or send me an email deanna (at)


Angry Kitten

 Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Strict Chin-ups – 4 x 3

  • 1-2 warm up sets then ramp up the difficulty (i.e. add weight or remove assistance!)

WOD:  The Rabbit

This is a classic CFZ wod that was inspired by a battle between Turts and Michelle W (which Michelle won by the way…).  We’ve done it a few times, so check MFT for scores to beat and give it your best shot!

5 rounds for time of:

  • Row (300 girls, 400 guys)
  • 15 burpees

Zone 2:  scale to 3 rounds

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash-Out:  Sign up for myfrantime and/or record your scores!!


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