Care to be Courteous

Have you looked around you lately and seen our class sizes getting bigger and bigger… and BIGGER?  You know what that means, don’t you?  Yup, it means more growth in the Zone Family and more friends to  be made!  And also, bigger classes mean that we need your help with a couple things…

Please remember to be EARLY for class each day! Do your best to show up to class 10-15 mins prior to class to ensure enough time to change, sign in, check out the workout, and get a full warm-up in.  This is for YOUR benefit to make sure you’re getting your general prep training in and preparing your body for the workout to come.  Not to mention, it helps the Coach get an early handle on the class size and take care of any last minute questions/details before class starts.  Remember that, when there are a dozen other people in the class, if you dash in with hardly a minute to spare before the Coach starts going over the daily WOD, it lends to the feeling of chaos in the gym!  If you do cut your arrival down to the wire one day, just try and do your best to join in quietly with what’s already in progress.  If you missed anything important, you can approach the Coach and get up to speed when there’s a quiet moment.  Your help is much appreciated with this!

The courtesy of being early to class applies doubly when you’re bringing a friend who’s a first-timer. For those who have never visited before, it’s important that we get them situated, welcome them properly, have them fill out the necessary paperwork, and familiarize them with the skills they need for that day’s warmup and WOD.  When bringing a guest for the first time, you are responsible for helping them get situated and move through the class.  Have your guest shadow you through the CrossFit Warm-Up, and stick with them through the workout.  Remember that you’re helping them try CrossFit, not setting yourself up to achieve a new PR.

Sign-in to the lobby computer when you arrive before class!  This allows us to track class numbers and make sure we are offering the right number of classes for our membership.  It also gives the Coach a heads-up about how many people will be in the class, so they can do some mental prep and WOD planning!

Pay attention to the Coach at all times while they are teaching. Not paying attention/chatting with other members can be distracting and takes away from the teaching points the instructor is trying to make.  When the class is especially large, side-chatting can become overwhelming and louder than you might think.  Thanks for tuning in when the time is right!

Clean up all equipment (bars, plates, db’s, kb’s, chalk, etc.) after your workout in a timely manner. Don’t forget to give everything a wipe-down, too!  Remember to take bands off the pullup bars if you used them.  If is not the coach’s job, or the class after yours, to clean up before they begin the workout.  If your class WOD is being run in heats, please stay close to your equipment after you’re finished, and tidy it up as soon as you catch your breath so the next group can jump in.

Lastly, remember how much we love having all your shining faces in our classes.  Thanks for being courteous and  making everyone’s Zone experience a good one!

Special note #3:  Reminder that on Friday at 630pm we will be having a special Send-off Potluck for several of our favorite members who are moving away.  Come on by the Zone with something tasty to share, RSVP with what you are bringing if you know, as always to the comments!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Fill in our member satisfaction survey!  We care what you think!  Be honest and keep in mind that you have the option of having your survey being anonymous or you can attach your name to it for follow up.

WOD:  Helenancy

This is a team wod – groups of 3 preferred!  Name theme is anything to do with LUCAS!

1 person will be at each station, run will be as a group after all team members have completed one round of each of the stations.

4 rounds total for time:

  • 15 Overhead squats (65/95)
  • 21 Kettlebell swings (35/55)
  • 15 Pullups
  • 400m run
  • Remember, each team member will complete one round of all three exercise stations (cannot advance until your teammate has finished the next station) and then you will run 400m as a group.  This counts as one round.  The next round starts when all team members are back in the gym.

Zone 3 – scale OHS to 55/75

Zone 2 – scale OHS and KBS as needed, assisted pullups, 300m run (to close corner and back)

Zone 1 – scale wod as needed

Cash-Out: Group stretch – FTL


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