Cheer on Tyler AND Ray!

Photo credit – Vic42

Today, Tyler and Ray will be taking part in the Victoria Highland Games along with Vic42 feature top class athlete Adam Drummond.  Tyler and Ray will be taking part in the Novice category Saturday from 8am – 12pm today.  They will be taking part in all of the events (Putting stone, weight for distance, throwing the hammer, weight for height and caber toss).

If you are interested in going as a group, meet at the Zone (downtown) at 9:30am to walk down or carpool.

Just a reminder that it is the long weekend and there will be some class cancellations:


  • Saturday, May 17th – 10am only
  • Sunday, May 18th – 9:30am
  • Monday, May 19th – 9:30am + Kings and Queen event (1pm), 7:30pm (Speed, Agility, Quickness)


  • Saturday, May 17th – 8am
  • Monday, May 19th – 9:30am Only



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