Christmas Fran

That’s a pretty sweet walkman this guy’s sporting…

December often puts many people in the Christmas spirit.  And the Christmas Spirit often makes people do things they might not normally do, all in the name of “making merry”!

Here’s the perfect example of a CrossFitter who obviously had a massive dose of Holiday cheer, not to mention a lot of time on his hands…

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I wonder if he felt as though the Christmas lights helped him get more “charged up”? (Bad pun…my apologies 😛 )

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Box Squat 5 x 5 reps

  • Coach review technique
  • Increase weight each set if you are able to execute the exercise properly

WOD – Choose your own Adventure

I bet you thought that it was going to be Fran 😉 Today’s focus is on a good cardiovascular burn.  It is your chose between a run, a row or a partner workout.

Choose one of the following for time:

1. 5KM row for time

2.  5 x 400M Run with 1 minute rest between rounds

Games Prep – with a 14/2olb med ball

3.  Partner carry up the hill, jog back x 4 each partner

Cash Out – MWOD 27

Test: Move your neck around in a bunch of cardinal planes. How loose does it fee? Can you see how a tight neck could make your shoulder position more sucky?
Mwod: 1) 2 minutes each side doing Hand behind back stretch while working on your neck.
2) Open up your thoracic spine on the paired lacrosse balls. 1-2 min
3) Practice a little overhead lat stretch 2 min
4) Try and staple that lacrosse ball to the wall with your chesticle (pec).
Retest: How awesome do you feel?

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