Continue the throwdowns….

Did you enjoy the excitement of the Open workouts on Friday night?  Come take part in the Friday Night Fights!

Firebreathers meet weekly at CrossFit Zone downtown, Fridays 6.30 pm. Athletes will hit a benchmark WoD chosen by one of the participant. No one will know about the WoD prior to the class. The goal is to be ready for any circumstance, as is the CrossFit prescription, and to fight hard to earn the weekend!

Every week, the coach will ask one of the participant to choose a benchmark WoD for the following week, and that person will give his/her choice one day in advance so that an appropriate warm-up can be designed for that WoD. The workouts are scaleable as any CrossFit WoD, so EVERYONE WITH A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS OF CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE is welcome to attend. Beware that minimal description of the movements and no scaling options will be provided so you are expected to be comfortable enough at CrossFit to know where to go!

Hope to see some new faces at the Fight!

REMINDER: Oly Class Friday at 10:45am – focus of the class is on clean and jerk skills. At this point you are not required to pre-register.  There is still space available.


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