Count down is on….

Nancy Baseline

Are you ready ready for the Nancy Finals?

They are this Saturday January 9th commencing at 10:00am

How much have you improved?

The place that you will see the most improvement in Nancy is the overhead squats. If you can minimize the transition time from your run to your overhead squat by snatching the weight up, you will shave off some seconds.  Try to fight out as many reps as you can while you have the bar overhead, you will lose lots of time dropping the weight and having to snatch it up again.  Check out 6 tips for the Overhead Squat from Weightlifting Exchange.



Rob and Donald have entered a CrossFit Zone team into the Pioneer 8km race this Sunday January 10th.  The race starts at Sannich Fair Grounds and ends at Saanich Fair Grounds.  For more information and to register, visit the website.

The Team information for registration is as follows:

Club Name: Team Crossfit Zone
Sponsor/Team Name: Crossfit Zone

Who’s game???

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 12 minutes of snatch technique practice.  If you are familiar with the snatch already, go for a 1RM using 4-6 attempts over the 12 minutes

WOD – “Franabel”

This is a mishmash of two classic Crossfit WODs – Fran (21-15-9 thrusters and pullups) and Isabel (30 snatches for time).  See how you like it 😉 !

Elite: 21-15-9 rep rounds of: Snatch (95/135) and pull-ups

Zone 5: Scale Snatch to 75/115

Zone 4: Scale Snatch to 55/95

Zone 3: Scale Snatch to 45/65

Zone 2: Scale Snatch to 35/55, assisted pull-ups

Zone 1: Scale Snatch and pull-ups as needed

Cash Out – “Follow the Leader” Stretches – each member shows a stretch, everyone performs it for 30 sec. These can be normal stretches, dynamic stretches, yoga positions etc.

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 37

Buy-in: 732


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