How Crossfit kept us going at the National Rugby Championships

As most of you know, Courtney and I recently spent a week in Ottawa playing on the BC senior women’s rugby team in the National Rugby Championships. The punchline is we helped earn our province a hard fought third place victory… but it’s the small details and all the hard work and support that we are most proud of. All you Crossfit Zoners were right there with us and we cannot thank-you enough for your kind words, your support, and for all the times we worked out together and you pushed us that little bit further.

On the way to each game Courtney and I read your notes and inspirational quotes to mentally prepare. A couple favorites included, “Obsessive and compulsive are terms the lazy and judgmental use to describe the disciplined and committed!” and “Pain is temporary, quitting last forever”. When times got tough those words would play through our minds like we were back at the box and you were right there cheering us on.


Fitness and endurance were key to both Courtney and mine strengths on the team. Courtney was the only BC team member of our 24 who played every minute of every game – an amazing feat and honor, and a testament to her rugby skills. She played inside center (#12), which is an incredibly technical and physical position and a mentally demanding one (a real-time decision maker). Of course Courtney comes with the added benefit of been a huge impact hitter and while fulfilling these other roles she also managed to dominate in defensive tackles. Playing inside center (and smashing at every opportunity) would be enough to keep anyone busy but Courtney was also asked to be a team leader on the field. Despite this being only her second year at Nationals, Courtney was truly a key member of team BC and she already cannot wait for next year.

Our coach was quite clear about selecting players for specific roles during specific games and mine was definitely to bring energy and strength to the game. My position at lock (#4) is deep within the scrum as the engine, lifting players overhead in line-outs… and of course *smashing*. “Keep your feet and just go forward” -slightly easier said than done when 15 opposing girls firmly disagree. But in working towards that simple goal I managed to pull off some pretty neat plays. Highlights for me included a 20 m run with the added weight of the few girls who were hanging onto my back and legs, helping our scrum literally walkover the opposing team, and (my favorite) a ninja roll and a dive through the defensive line that saw me to my first National try (thanks crossfit gymnastics).

BC came together as a strong team and fought hard through the entire week. We kept fighting right down to the last game on the final day when we went head to head with Ontario for the cup. Ontario ended up winning this year but it truly could have gone either way. You can only imagine how amped that left us all to return next year!

Thank-you for everything you all did to make this experience that much more amazing!

Cherisse & Courtney

Congratulations Cherisse & Courtney, Your Zone family are so very proud of you and look forward to getting you ready for next year! Keep up the hard work <3


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