Day 1 Recap

Friday started very early for the team.  They had their first workout at 9am.  Workout 1 consisted of muscle ups and clean and jerks 15,12, 9 was the rep scheme.  The sequence went man, woman, man, woman, man, woman.  All our men got through the muscle ups easily.  There was  a rule in this workout that once you failed 3 reps on the muscle ups, you must move on to the clean and jerks.  The woman completed 8 muscle ups in total, Marie-Eve with 5 and Kiana with 3. Our team finished the workout in just over 12 minutes with failed reps on the muscle ups. There were only 2 teams that completed all the muscle up reps in this workout.  It was a great push from both the men and woman on the team.  We finished this workout in 22nd place.

The second workout was two attempts of a max hang snatch by all teammates with an 8 minute time cap.  Ray and Phil busted out a 205lb snatch each and Ray tried for a 230lb snatch, which would have been a PR for him.  We started to run out of time on the workout, so the remainder of the athletes went in with a safe lift.  Sean snatched 150lbs, Colleen 70lbs, and Kiana 75lbs. Unfortunately, the team ran out of time before Marie-Eve was able to get an attempt.  She loaded up the bar and picked it up and they called 3,2,1 Time.  It was a learning experience for the team about strategy and teamwork.  With missing one weight, we managed to still hold the spot of 26th out of 30 teams in this workout!

The third workout was our best placed workout so far,  max distance handstand walk by each teammate.  Our team accumulated a total of 160ft, giving them a finish of 21st.

Congratulations Zone team on your hard workout today!

Lucas had a great showing on Day 1 and currently sitting in first place.  He started the day off with 3 attempts of max hang snatch.  He loaded the bar to 245lbs successfully, then 255lbs successfully and then 280 hoping to tie Tyson Takasaki.  Unfortunately the lift was unsuccessful and that was his last attempt.  Lucas tied for 3rd place with his 255lbs, still a great finish.

The second workout for Lucas was the max handstand walk.  He was very proficient on his hands and walked 210ft!  Way to go Lucas 🙂 This was finish of 3rd place.

The last workout of the day was very exciting to watch.  It was Nasty Girls V2 consisting of 50 pistols, 7 muscles ups and 10 hang power cleans x 3.  Lucas redeemed his first place in this workout by 1 sec.

Good luck to all the athletes tomorrow.

Hope to see some of the crew out to watch Day 2 at the Richmond Oval.


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