December skill of the month

Perfect Squat position like Emmalinephoto credit Wendy Callendar

The Skill of the Month for December is a little different than other months…  We will be working on squat mobility.  What does that mean? We will be accumulating time in the bottom of a squat over the month.  I chose this skill so that it you are able to work on it while you are on Christmas holidays and not able to get to the gym as frequently.

This month will not be scored by improvement in the time you hold in a squat from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.  You will be working on bettering your mobility so you are able to get into an improved squat position and work up to a 10 min squat hold.  I don’t want to see anyone holding the bottom of a squat for more than 10 minutes.

Please watch the very first mobility wod by K-star on the 10 minute squat hold:

[yframe url=’’]

Squat position:

  1. Feet hip distance apart
  2. Toes pointed straight ahead
  3. Heels on the ground
  4. Shove your knees out
  5. Keep the chest up tall (if possible)

A few tips:

  1. Play around with shifting your weight side to side
  2. Use your elbows to push your knees out
  3. Hang out in a one sided squat, other leg out to the side (all steps above apply)
  4. Hang on to a post for support if needed

How will this benefit you?

  1. Improve ankle flexibility
  2. Improve hip mobility
  3. Reinforce good squat positioning
  4. Injury prevention
  5. Ideal positioning allows for optimal power output
  6. Stamina!

How do I go about this SOM?  You will test a max hold in bottom of a squat position (checked by your coach).  Over the month you will work on increasing this hold time and working on your squat mobility goats.  You do not have to hold the squat position daily, but I do want you working on mobilizing those tighter areas that are limiting you in your squat.  If you are unsure how to loosen up the less mobility joints, please ask your coach to assess you and give you some tools to improve your squat.

Happy mobilizing and squatting!  Get ready for some squat PRs in the New Year!

Holiday Reminder:

If you are headed out of town and away a week or longer, please make sure to contact your Coach to let them know to put your membership on hold.  If you are not assigned to a coach as of yet, please email Sandy (


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