February Skill of the Month

It is time to introduce the next skill of the month!!!  This month we will be working on a very important gymnastics skill, the pullup.  With the Open approaching, it is important that we work on our conditioning, so we have the ability to do more work in a shorter amount of time.  The skill is Max pullups in 2 minutes.  The goal of this skill is to build up the number of repetitions that you can string together, then decrease the amount of time it takes your body to recover before you can get back on the bar and complete the next set.  Through the month, you will come up with a strategic plan on how many reps you are able to string together with a minimal amount of rest and repeat.

For those Games athletes, we would like you to upgrade to chest to bar pullups.  Since the Open is coming, your goal is to get the movement done as efficiently as possible,  so you are welcome to kip or butterfly.  Remember to stick to the movement standards and be strict on yourself.  No one likes to get “no repped” in competition, so make it a habit to call yourself on them.  If you get a no rep, it takes just as much energy to do another rep, so make each rep count and rest when needed.

For those that are not competitors,  use this skill to work on your weaknesses, if you have any 😉 Here are some tips and rules to approach the skill:

  1. You are not allowed to do a kipping pullups (band or not) for the test if you don’t have 5 strict pullups under your belt.
  2. No kipping with the rubber band!
  3. Options – (a) Ring Rows, (b) strict pullups with a band
  4. Don’t go to failure on any of your reps!  It takes way too long to recover your muscles and complete another rep.  For instance, if you can do 10 pullups, on your first set do max 7 reps.  Recover and do another set.  Each set will get more challenging and you will potentially need to drop the reps down.


OLY lifting pre-registration When you try to register for this class you will come across a note that says ‘This class is not available for purchase online’ You should be able to sign in through your ‘member log in’. We are working on this to make sure it will happen. If you are unable to log in please email admin@crossfitzone.ca, put oly lifting in the subject line and Sandy will log you in.

CrossFit Bootcamp starts tonight @ 5:30pm, Westshore location!




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