Flashback Friday, Y’all!

Back again for the weekly dose of essential hip-hop classics to fuel your workouts. This week is a shout out, to one of my loyal readers and good homies, Dope Boy Sanchez aka D-boy. This week we got one of the west coast OG’s on deck: DJ Quik, one of Compton, CA’s finest.

Quik was literally born and raised in Compton, born January 18th 1970. David Marvin Blake started selling homemade mixtapes in his teens, after he received a turntable for graduating the 9th grade. Some of Quik’s early musical influences were funk artists Roger Troutman (the same cat who sings the chorus on Tupac’s hit “California Love”) and George Clinton. Roger Troutman is to this day one of my favorite funk artists, if you’re looking for some good funk check out “Computer Love” and “More Bounce To The Ounce”. Troutman was famous for his use of the “talkbox”, which he taught Quik to use, out of respect for Troutman after he died Quik retired the “talkbox”.

So here we go kids, off of the 1991 album Quik Is The Name, I bring to you Born And Raised In Compton. Enjoy and lift something heavy, increase the weights and increase the peace.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkQTtiKFXK4′]


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