Food, Glorious Food

The Whole Life Challenge has come to an end!  Congratulations to everyone who gave it as much as they could in the 8 weeks.  There have been some incredible results from these members that we will share with you when we tally them all up.  Now the true test begins…


Post from the Whole Life Challenge Website

After this week, you are free to do whatever you want without the consequence of lost points. At the beginning of this, there was likely a huge list of things that you swore you were going to miss and couldn’t wait to get back to enjoying as soon as this challenge was over.

Think about those things. Do you feel as deprived as you did at the beginning? Does not eating them regularly seem like as much of a loss as it once did? You may have found that those things had an incalculable hold on your psyche. You didn’t have them, they had you.

That said, you may now find that you can enjoy things that you once only lost yourself in. You can be mindful of the sweets and treats as much as you are mindful of the foods that sustain and build your body. That new mindfulness will give you access to a much greater degree of enjoyment and ownership of your food, whatever you choose to eat. Because now, it’s a choice. No more do you have to lose control and black out, waking up in a pile of pizza crust and cookie crumbs.

Often times you hear of people talking about doing something challenging and reporting “I survived.” We like to think of it around here in terms of “I thrived.” Either one can be true, but surviving suggests that something was lost, there there was a whole bunch of suffering, you came out beaten and battered. You may have learned something, but there was a tradeoff. Thriving sounds to us like you pushed, stretched, struggled, explored, discovered, and emerged as something new. That which is gone isn’t lost, it has just simply found a new life in your past.

What did you think was going to be challenging to give up on the Challenge?  Now that you have completed the challenge, was it as hard as you suspected?  Please share your experience in the comments.

Re-testing of the Whole Life Challenge workout at 10:30am today!

IMPORTANT CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT:  The 7:00am class (Monday, November 12th) is cancelled.  All other classes are running today.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Deadlift 3-­3-­3-3-3 E3M

  • Increase weight only if your technique is perfect!
  • Zone 1: work on the movement with lighter weight (6-8 reps)

WOD “Chestless Cindy”

EMOTM for 20 Minutes:
10 Squats
5 Pullups

Zone 3 – RX movement – 7 squats, 3 pullups
Zone 2 – scale to assisted pullups, consider alternating sets of ring rows for pullups
Zone 1 – scale reps and rounds as needed

Cash Out – Couch stretch, lat stretch with rubber band


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