Get your WLC scores in!


Whole Life Challenge participants, please enter your final workout scores as well as memberships by this Friday.  I would love to announce the official winners on the challenge and give out prizes!  You are all winners, really, but for the sake of the game we will be recognizing the top 3 finishers based on the points, measurements and improvements on the workout.

Coaches Notes:

I am sure you never guessed that Cindy was coming down the pipe, did you?   The only recommendation I can give you is to go at a consistent pace and not to go crazy out of the gate or you will fly and die.  If you can think back to the Cindy AMRAP we did over a week ago, you will have a better idea of how to pace yourself for the whole workout.  If you were completing 1 plus rounds per minute and able to maintain that, there is a chance you may complete 18-20 rounds.  If you were hitting 2 rounds per 3 minute intervals, you may complete 12-13 rounds.

Be accountable to your form and movement standards!


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