Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Come on down for our Halloween Costume WOD!  Costumes required!

Check out the dance off video from a previous years Halloween Party

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akc1G1b9IuM&list=UUD719nR1bbBIwCYZ612I5vw&index=4&feature=plcp’]

Today`s Workout:

Buy In – Halloween fashion show dance off

WOD – Class choice:

“Trick or Treat”


“Torture Chamber”

AMRAP in 30 minutes:
400M Zombie escape run
5 Vomit makers (20/35)
10 Dead body lifts (155/215)
15 Bloody weapon swings (35/55)

Zone 2 – scale weights as needed
Zone 1 – scale workout as needed

You will complete your Zombie escape run with your partner in crime, once both of you have arrived back in the gym, you will complete the next exercises in relay style.  Partner 1 completes 5 vomit makers, partner 2 completes 5 vomit makers.  Then you move to the next station in the same fashion.  Once both partners have completed the bloody weapon swings, you will escape on your Zombie run together.

Cash Out – Candy scramble


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