Help send Lucas and other Canadian athletes to the Games!

… With a JULY 1st Canada Day WOD!

CANADIAN AFFILIATES! Want to help Canadian athletes pay for their trip to Carson?

Our athletes in Canada West and Canada East rank among the top in the world. Unfortunately, travel to Carson from YYZ is almost as expensive as traveling from Europe.

This is a huge disadvantage. An extra hotel night to acclimate to the heat; extra meals; even an earlier flight adds to the costs that some athletes can’t cover.

Let’s show the world Canadian athletes come from the STRONGEST nation on earth! On July 1, do the “Team Canada” WOD in support of all Canadian athletes competing in the CrossFit Games.

How will athletes get the money? Joanne Legal of Lackner Maclennan Insurance has graciously volunteered to manage collection and disbursement. She insures many of us; we trust her to keep our box safe. Donations will be evenly split between Canadian athletes who have qualified for The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games in this way: 1 share per Individual athlete (8 total)

WOD BY DONATION (All scheduled classes that day) – suggested donation $5

Coaches Notes:

  • With all dumb bell movements, really focus on keeping a strong core and setting your back before picking up the dumb bell.
  • Squat clean the first thruster, and rest at the top as opposed to the front rack position. The weight is light enough that you should be able to perform the thrusters unbroken.
  • For your toes to bar break up your reps into 4-6’s to maintain a consistent pace throughout the workout, unless your very proficient with Toes to Bar.
  • Sand your hands before your toes to bar or tape them up so you don’t want to rip.
  • Compare to Nov 18, 2013


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