Some days you are down and some days you are up.  But when you put it all into perspective, your down days are really not that bad.  Imagine that your off days are somebody Else’s up days!  Maybe you don’t hit that PR this week, maybe you catch a bug and you feel like you can’t train to your highest potential.  If you are healthy and have four functional limbs, consider yourself lucky.  Never say  “I can’t!” If there is a will, there is a way. “Dig deep and you can accomplish anything. –Chris Kaag–

Check out the article of a US Marine that is unstoppable.  Thanks for finding the post Brian!  You may have seen this the other week in the comments section or on Felix’s blog. If this does not inspire you, I am not sure what will.

Check out the video of the disabled Marine doing CrossFit:

Disabled US Marine doing CrossFit

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 400M Farmers walk. Everytime you put the weights down you have to do 5 squats. Use the rubber bumper plates!

WOD – “AMRAP in 15 Minutes”

  • 200M run
  • 5 Double crunch
  • 10 One arm dumbbell thruster – 5R/5L (20/35)
  • 15 Jumping pullups

Zone 3 – scale dumbbell to 15/25

Zone 2 – scale dumbbell as needed

Zone 1 – AMRAP in 10 -12 minutes

Cash Out – 100 double unders or 300 single skips

Running WOD

8K recovery run

Please post in the comments when and where you are doing your run if you would like people to join you!

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 72

Buy-in: 2628


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