Integrity in Competition

With the first round of the crossfit games regionals occurring over the weekend, many people flocked to watch the events. Like any other competition, the first day or session usually runs into some sort of trouble. This year there was a discrepancy in the standards on event 2 (7 minutes to establish 3 rep max overhead squat). In order for your score to count you had to be able to lift your opening lift (first lift). if you did not succeed with this then you scored a DNF for the event and would not be able to continue.


When Adrian Bozman touched on the mistake

“This was a mistake on my behalf,” Head Judge Adrian Bozman said. “During the mandatory morning athlete briefing, I incorrectly answered a question by saying that there was no minimum work requirement for Individual Event 2. I made a mistake, clear and simple.”

The correct standard for Individual Event 2 is that athletes complete three successful overhead squats at their opening weight in order to advance in the competition. While the standard for individuals in SoCal was briefed differently than the worldwide standard, all SoCal athletes were held to the same set of rules as relayed by Bozman.

Southern California athlete Andrea Ager  (among others), withdrew from competition because she did not feel she would still be competing in a fair manner. It is a rare occurrence to see someone withdrawal out of competition at this level. It takes a strong person to put your goals on hold for another year.


Class reminder:


Monday May 20- 9:30 am only

Rumor has it that douglas will be closed for the parade, so bring your bike or walk down!


Monday May 20- 9:00 am only


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