It’s The Freakin’ Weekend!

Image courtesy of Eva T’s blog

Can YOU rock “Eva” as well as Eva T. can?  Let’s find out…

Today’s Workout

Buy In – Start getting warm before class begins. After the coach has reviewed the workout and you have found your partner, do:
* 20 leg kicks
* 20 ankle hops
* 20 butt kicks
* 15 light KB swings
* 15 jumping pullups

WOD – “Team Eva”

5 Rounds For time:

  • Run 800m
  • 30 KB swing (55/70lb)
  • 30 Pull-ups

With a partner, complete all the total reps and break the work up as needed.

Zone 3 – Scale KB to 35/55lbs
Zone 2 – scale to assisted pullups, scale KB to 20/35lbs
Zone 1 – scale as needed
Games Prep – do the WOD solo and get your name on the Leaderboard

Cash Out – MWOD
* Cool down with a jog around the block, some single skips, or some casual rowing on the erg
* Couch stretch; start in a lunge to stretch out the hips, then sit up nice and tall to hit the quads
* Roll out the lats with a foam roller or lacrosse ball


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