Jackie was the first workout at the 2013 Regionals.  Check out the video of CrossFit Games athlete Jason Khalipa hitting a new world record of 5:04.  Our Lucas Parker did this workout in 5:08, which was so amazing to watch!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXbUJ0a_WDM’]


Here’s a few tips to help you out for those of you taking “Jackie” on today:

1) Pace the row. You may feel like this is the place to go hard and make up time, but trust me, it’s not. Don’t set any 1K PRs here. In fact, you should probably be rowing at a pace you can hold for at least a 2K, if not a bit slower. This will ensure you are not too fatigued going into the thrusters.

2) Break the thrusters up in your head. It is important you don’t think about doing 50 thrusters when you pick up the barbell. That’s too high a number and can break you down mentally you when it starts to get tough. Do sets that don’t exhaust you and take quick breaks in between your sets.

3) Relax your grip. The thrusters can take it’s toll on your forearms which make the pull-ups really difficult. Make sure you don’t make this even worse by holding onto the bar too tightly. Instead, try to relax your grip as you perform the thrusters so that your pull-ups won’t be affected as badly.

4) Pull-ups. They will be harder than expected when your heart is pumping, lungs are burning and hips and shoulders are fatigued. Pick away at it and try to limit how long you rest between sets. Give it a good effort and try to finish strong!

Jackie is one of the workouts that we do in the intro personal training program, so make sure to take a look at your previous time and see if you can beat it!


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