Jill is heading to Uganda….

Jill is heading to Uganda to do research in the oil field related to human rights and community engagements. She has started a funding initiative to bring vital medical supplies to Acholiland – an area largely cut off from service delivery.  The primary purpose of this funding initiative is to acquire vital medical supplies to bring with her to local clinics.  The majority will go to St. Jude’s Health Centre, a non-profit society serving the overall health of the entire community.  Included in these costs will be expenses for shipping, baggage fees and taxes. The clinic is in dire need of the supplies, which you can purchase as a way to contribute.  Details of what is needed:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/first-aid-for-gulu#home

She’ll also be visiting Crossfit Kampala in late June and we hope we can set up a competition with this inspiring CrossFit community!

The largest donor (group or individual) at Crossfit Zone will receive a raw cheesecake of their choosing. The second largest donor will get a large batch of paleo brownies!

We will be holding a fundraiser workout and BBQ – details TBA



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