Live band at the Box Sunday!

The Zone 91.3 May band of the month will be playing at our downtown box on Sunday, June 22nd from 1-3pm.  Bring your friends and family out to the box.  We also have lots of membership draws and Look like a Rock Star draw.

Register online to enter to win the “Look like a Rockstar” prize

Coaches Notes:

  • Break up your wall balls in sets of 10-15, unless you have the muscular endurance and recovery for larger sets.
  • Catch the wallball in the front rack position and don’t allow the ball to pull you forward.  If you notice this happening, rest and recovery.
  • The goal is to keep the heart rate down on the wall balls to ensure you have the strength and coordination for the power clean and jerks
  • The power clean is meant to be heavy, so anticipate doing singles unless you can RX and string the reps together.
  • Rest enough between C&J reps to be able to do the jerk right after the clean.  Resting in the rack position will waste lots of useful energy.
  • Reset every rep on the C&J – set your back, tighten the core.  Make sure that the core is till engaged when you go overhead.


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