Looking for Judges

Hey Zoners!

The CrossFit Open is approaching in 10 days!.  We are looking for members that would like to support the competitive community.  How can you help?  Become a judge for the Open.  We are in need of people that feel comfortable with knowing what the full range of motion of each exercise is and to be able to voice that to an athlete if they are not completing it. This is a great tool to help you as an athlete to ensure that you are always completing the full movement and being consistent in your training.

All Open competitors will need to be judged in all of there Open workouts.  The be a judge you are required to complete the judges course.  To complete it, go to: https://oc.crossfit.com/

I also highly encourage all members that are taking part in the Open complete the course.  The reasoning is twofold:  1.  So you are able to help out your fellow athletes and judge, and 2.  so you are familiar with the requirements of every movement.  Being familiar with the judging will not leave room for any surprises on the calls that the judge makes.

Let’s make this the best Open season ever!


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