Mobility Month

August has come to an end, so that means it is time to retest our max squat snatch as well as introduce the next skill of the month!

This months “skill” is mobility.

A couple of weeks ago May, Jon, Sandy, Brigit, Colleen and myself went to the CrossFit Mobility course in Richmond put on my K-Star.  Most of you should recognize him from the MWODs that we post quite regularly.

What everyone needs to do is think of what body part or joint that is holding you back from getting into the proper position for an exercise.  We will call this your “Mobility Goat”.  The way we will test this is do an exercise where you find this mobility goat is a limitation for you, and we will retest this position at the end of the month.  You are more than welcome to test a max weight or reps, etc in this exercises and see how it improves by the end of the month.

If you are unsure on how to test your mobility goat, ask your Coach.

Here are a few important things to note when it comes to mobility:

  1. Your coaches are not Chiropractors, Physiotherapists or Massage therapists.  But we can recommend great ones for you to see!
  2. Your coaches are not trained to diagnosing issues.  They are able to give you some ideas on what might help improve your mobility.
  3. If something feels nervy, or you lose feeling in a limb – reposition
  4. If something feels wrong – reposition
  5. Listen to your body!

If you would like to get the most out of this month and improve your goat mobility, mobilize 10 minutes everyday!  There will be a few different exercises that you can do to help improve your goat.

Please NOTE:  if you are hyper-flexible in a goat, focus on rolling out with a lacrosse ball or foam roller, don’t use the rubber bands for stretching.

Upcoming Event reminders:

  • Cindy Challenge Finals – Saturday Sept. 8th.  Heat schedule coming out soon. If you have not paid your $30, you will not be on the schedule
  • Whole Life Challenge – Registration closes Saturday, Sept. 8th.  We need 11 more people to register and then we will be doing a draw for a FREE Month of Unlimited CrossFit!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Test Max Squat Snatch!

Give your score to your coach to record.  Then discuss your Mobility Goat and test a position and find 3 mobility exercises to improve this position.

WOD “Swing Row”

3 Rounds for time:
30 KB Swings (35/55)
15 Ring Rows (body parallel to ground)

Games Prep – 45/70lb
zone 3 – scale ring row to feet just below parallel
Zone 2 – scale KB to 20/35lbs
Zone 1 – scale ring row as needed

Cash Out – Mobility Goat 10 minutes


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